Eminem Height - How Tall

How tall is Eminem
How tall is Eminem.
What is the height of Eminem?
How tall is Eminem?
What is his height in inches & feet?
Is he tall? Then, how tall is he?
Or is he short?
Find it out here.

Here are some information about Eminem's height.

Name: Eminem
in Meters: 1.78 m
in Centimeters: 178 cm
in Inches: 70.0786 in
in Feet: 5.8384 ft
in Feet & Inches: 5ft 10in

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About Eminem.

Eminem is not that tall. He stands 5' 10", that makes him 178 cm. Some people, who were able to meet Eminem and had the chance to get close to him, say that he is short, probably 5' 7" to 5' 9".

I have read web forums and websites were fans are arguing about he's real height. For me the height is important for a person who have a reputation like Eminem. I mean, he is tough, he is a boss, and those traits make him more appealing which helps in he's popularity. So some people might think less if him if they see him as a small guy or a tiny man.

Eminem was also known as Slim Shady. He is one of the most successful rap artists of all time. Also said as the most popular white American rap artist, he has gained many fans and supporters. In a music genre that is mostly ruled by African American of black Americans, Eminem stood up and is shining. But for most people, like me, who love Eminem for being a genius in music and not because of he's lifestyle or he's swag, I really praise the guy no matter how tall or short he is. Maybe that's what he think too, he is the man.

The height of Eminem is 5ft 10in, that makes him 178cm tall.

Eminem Compared To My 5ft 10in (177cm) Height

Eminem's height is 5ft 10in or 178cm while I am 5ft 10in or 177cm. I am shorter compared to him. To find out how much shorter I am, we would have to subtract my height from Eminem's height. Therefore I am shorter to him for about 1cm.


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  1. Wrong. At most he's 5'8".

  2. Eminem Is 5'8" (173cm) tall... That is what he him self says and what his personal bio tell's us... You we're pretty close!