How To Be Tall - Gain Height by Proper Stretching and Exercise

gain height and be taller by stretching and exercise
Gain height with proper stretching and exercise.

You have also probably noticed people who are athletic become taller. Many seem to find those who are more engaged to sports grow tall. It is because the body also needs activity to grow. The body also adopts to what it commonly do. Most of the people that are in to sports are tall. This also is because they are more disciplined. More disciplined that they get proper sleep and proper diet. They are usually very conscious when it comes to their health, and this is why they get the most of their growing stage. They achieve their maximum height potential through discipline.

I have noticed people regularly go to sports practice where they start with stretching, and to my surprise I see them getting taller. Sports practice have stretching programs that can help the athlete gain the height that they can get.

If one wants to be taller and gain height, you can try to be an athletic person. Exercise regularly, and practice health discipline.


  1. I'm already at my 20's and I still want to grow taller or add maybe even a couple more inches to my height. Do you think, going to the gym about thrice a week and do some stretching every morning can help me?

    1. It is possible, knowing that you go to the gym regularly means that you are in a healthy diet, and that is already a key factor. You can gain one to a couple of inches through proper stretching. Yoga also helps to improve your posture. Discipline and patience is very important.

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  5. Tengo 17 años y mido 1.49 es posible ganar mas altura haciendo ejercicios? que es lo que realmente tengo que hacer? o ya no hay ninguna posibilidad para crecer? :( espero su ayuda