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How Tall - What is Tom Cruise's Height?
What is Tom Cruise's Height?
How tall is Tom Cruise?
What is his height in inches & feet?
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Here are some information about the height of Tom Cruise.

Name: Tom Cruise
in Meters: 1.70 m
in Centimeters: 170 cm
in Inches: 66.929 in
in Feet: 5.576 ft
in Feet & Inches: 5ft 7in

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About Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise probably has the most mysterious height in Hollywood. People wonder on how tall or how short he is, he seem like an average height dude on his movies but he looks so short in his internet pictures. A respected website says Tom Cruise is 1.70 m tall, which would be 5’7”. Yeah, I know, you also don’t think he is, you probably thought that maybe he is 5’10” or 5’11” because of the movies. He has no problem on movie scenes; they can make them look tall with some camera tricks to match the height of the leading lady. It was said, based on the internet pictures of Tom Cruise, that he use’s some techniques to look tall on live appearances. One of those are shoes that has monster heels, which would give anyone who wears it some 2-3 inches, cool isn't it. Then you can add a height extender on the inside that would give you some more 1 to 2 inch of height. But of course there are many more popular personalities who does or wear this things for them to look taller. Some say height is important and that it makes you look better or feel better. The height of Tom Cruise is 5ft 7in, that makes him 170cm tall.

Tom Cruise Height in Movies

In the movies, there are some stars that needs to look tall or there is a requirement for a specific height for a character. But what if the actor or actress doesn't meet the height requirement? Movie productions use some camera tricks to make the stars in a movie look taller, which would greatly affect how the actor or actress' appeal to the viewers.
Tom's height is one of the common subject that comes in mind. He has been on several movies where he was made to appear tall. Just by basic techniques the not so tall actor will appear as an average height lead act, and this adds toughness to a character, especially to the action stars category where Tom is in.

Tom Cruise Compared To My 5ft 10in (177cm) Height

Tom Cruise's height is 5ft 7in or 170cm while I am 5ft 10in or 177cm. I am taller compared to him. To find out how much taller I am, we would have to subtract Tom Cruise's height from mine. Therefore I am taller to him for about 7cm.


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