Enrique Gil Height - How Tall

What is the height of Enrique Gil?
How tall is Enrique Gil?
What is the height of Enrique Gil?
How tall is Enrique Gil?
What is his height in inches & feet?
Is he tall? Then, how tall is he?
Or is he short?
Find it out here.

Here are some information about Enrique Gil's height.

Name: Enrique Gil
in Meters: 1.75 m
in Centimeters: 175 cm
in Inches: 68.8975 in
in Feet: 5.74 ft
in Feet & Inches: 5ft 9in

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About Enrique Gil.

Enrique "Quen" Mari Baccay Gil V (born March 30, 1992) is a Filipino actor and dancer. He appeared in various films and television shows such as Mula Sa Puso, Budoy, Muling Buksan Ang Puso and She's the One, but he is best known for his role as Alexander "Xander" Grande III in the television series Forevermore in 2014–15, alongside Liza Soberano. He starred as Tenten in the romantic drama television series Dolce Amore, in 2016. The height of Enrique Gil is 5ft 9in, that makes him 175cm tall.

Enrique Gil Biography

Enrque is a very popular young actor in the Philippines. Here are some few things you might want to know about him.

Full Name: Enrique Mari Baccay Gil V
Nickname: Quen
Birthday: March 30, 1992
Nationality: Filipino
Birthplace: Cebu City, Philippines
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: White

Enrique Gil Movies and TV Shows

Enrique Gil is one of the most popular young actors here in the Philippines. He has been part of numerous successful movies and TV shows in his career. Below is a list of some of Enrique Gil's movies and tv shows:

Princess and I (2012-2013)
Mirabella (2014)
Forevermore (2014-2015)
Dolce Amore (2016)
Must Be Love (2013)
Just The Way You Are (2015)
Everyday I Love You (2015)

Enrique Gil Compared To My 5ft 10in (177cm) Height

Enrique Gil's height is 5ft 9in or 175cm while I am 5ft 10in or 177cm. I am taller compared to him. To find out how much taller I am, we would have to subtract Enrique Gil's height from mine. Therefore I am taller to him for about 2cm.


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  1. Lol. 1.75m? He is short, I think Enrique is 1.70 max. He wear thick soled boots too to look taller and help increase his height.