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What is the Undertaker's height?
How tall is the Undertaker?
How tall is The Undertaker?
What is his height in inches & feet?
Is he tall? Then, how tall is he?
Or is he short?
Find it out here.

Here are some information about The Undertaker's height.

Name: The Undertaker
in Meters: 2.03 m
in Centimeters: 203 cm
in Inches: 79.9211 in
in Feet: 6.6584 ft
in Feet & Inches: 6ft 8in

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About The Undertaker.

Mark William Calaway, better known by his ring name The Undertaker, is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. The height of The Undertaker is 6ft 8in, that makes him 203cm tall.

The Undertaker Compared To My 5ft 10in (177cm) Height

The Undertaker's height is 6ft 8in or 203cm while I am 5ft 10in or 177cm. I am shorter compared to him. To find out how much shorter I am, we would have to subtract my height from The Undertaker's height. Therefore I am shorter to him for about 26cm.


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  1. He's 6'10" look it up on wikipedia or

  2. No he's not he's 6'8.5 . taker himself has stated many times that he's between 6'8 to 6'9 which means he's about 6'8.5. His billed height is 6'10 which means its made up not real just like they be billing Kane at 7'0 when he himself confirmed that he's 6'8 so all their billed heights are lies

    1. Kane is NOT 6'8" he's 6'9" & Taker is 6'8" when they stand next 2 each other Kane is taller by a full inch & always has been so IDK where ur saying Kane is 6'8" from cuz he definitely isn't.

  3. I love Phenom, the legend. THis post is really interesting to read. Thanks for sharing