Daniel Padilla And Kathryn Bernardo Height Difference

Hello height curious readers. I found a photo on the web that would show us a bit of information about the height difference of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. According to our websites estimated listing about Kathryn's height, her height is 5' 3", while Daniel Padilla's height is 5' 8". We have posted an article and where we wrote that Daniel is 5 inches taller than Kathryn. Now, the image below would somehow prove it, take a look.
Daniel Padilla taller to Kathryn Bernardo for about 5 inches.
Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo
(Credits to the owner of the photo.)
In the photo, as you can see, Daniel and Kathryn are both wearing basic shoes, not boots and no heels. The shoes they are wearing would somehow make them both an inch taller than their real height. Say, Daniel's height is 5' 8" in bare-feet, by wearing a  pair of shoes that has atleast an inch thick soles he'd be an inch taller. Daniel Padilla, who is 5' 8" tall is easily taller than Kathryn Bernardo, who is 5' 3" tall, for about 5 inches in bare-feet.


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