Couple Yael Yuzon Karylle Padilla Height

So Yael Yuzon, the lead vocals of Spongecola, got married to girlfriend Karylle. We are very happy for the couple, we've followed the wedding happenings online through Facebook and Youtube. I know most of you people have been confused about Yael's height after checking out the wedding videos and photos. Is Karylle taller than Yael?

Yael Yuzon And Karylle Padilla Height
Karylle and Yael in their wedding.
Now lets get to the height talk. By viewing the wedding pictures, you'll notice that Yael seem shorter to Karylle. I think in the wedding he seemed so, because the bride wore heels, but in normal days they are just as tall. Yep, Karylle and Yael have the same height. In our research they are both 5' 4" tall, a good match.

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