Andrew Garfield's And Spider-Man's Height Comparison - How Tall

What is the height of Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield? Does Andrew Garfield's height fit the Spider-Man character's height? This post will about that, this post will tell what the original listed height of Spider-Man really is. I know there are people who also wonder about these questions so I decided to write about the height of Andrew Garfield and Spider-Man here, this is most likely a comparison.

Andrew Garfield's Real Height

Andrew Garfield And Spider-Man Height
Andrew Garfield, the lead actor in the movie "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", who acts as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man in the movie is a 6 ft tall guy at 183 cm. His height I guess is pretty ideal, not short and yet not that tall, just enough. Read more about Andrew Garfield's height in the link below.

Spider-Man's Height

Andrew Garfield And Spider-Man Height
Andrew Garfield

Did you know that the height of Spider-Man, the real one in the story, is 5' 10" only. This height listing is according to the Marvel Database. A link to about Spider-Man/ Peter Parker's height is posted below.

Spider-Man And Andrew Garfield Height Compared

So, based on those height listings, the real height of Spider-Man is a bit smaller than Andrew Garfield's. Andrew Garfield was like 2 inch taller than the real height of the character. Tobey Maguire's height on the other hand was only 5' 7" by the way.


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