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About All Height

A Height Reference

All Height is a website that aims to deliver the most accurate answers to questions about the height of people, things or structures, we hope to help people by providing answers to these questions. Information in this site are based from official listings and estimates from photos and/or videos. We want to serve the closest measurement, if not the most accurate, information possible. All Height claim that our height estimates for people are not the on shoe measurement and that those are on barefeet. If you find our posts or information wrong please feel free to comment and reach out to us,  you can also do this by contacting us to the contact information listed on our Contact Us page.

The Five Foot Ten Inches Height

You may have noticed that each of our post about a persons height is compared to the 5 ft 10 in height. This height is based on the founder of All Height's height, he is 5 ft 10 in tall.

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If you find any error or mistake about our website, or on the information on our posts and pages, please do contact us about it and help us improve our site.

Forty Five Informations

All Height is owned and managed by Forty Five Informations.

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